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Toman Hunt: 22nd January 2012

Sunday 22nd January 2012

Hunting Area: Area 52
Time: 9:25am - 11:15am
Weather: Cloudy
Water: Slightly Stained


Rod: Abu Garcia Vendetta Medium Heavy (5'6")
Reel: Abu Garcia Revo Skeet Reese Baitcasting
Line: Berkley Fireline Braid (40lb)
Lure: 3/8oz Buzzbait

This morning, I decided to hunt in Area 52. Arrived at around 8:35am and stayed in the car as it was raining heavily, but by 9am the rained finally let up. Started to fish at 9:25am and used the same lures - buzzbaits & soft plastics.

Alternated these two types of lures and at around 10:50am hooked up onto a parent Toman after running the buzzbait through a circle of Toman fries. The fish pulled out line at a rapid speed even with full drag , but this time I was prepared...thumbed the spool to stop the fish from reaching underwater trees.

Could feel that it was a big fish by the way it took off with the lure, even with thumb pressure, it succeeded in reaching some underwater structure (I could feel the line scraping against something woody), still kept some pressure on the fish but pumping the rod won't budge the fish, it felt like the lure was stuck.
Keeping steady pressure, I waited.....and waited......I pumped the rod, trying to free my lure....then, I could feel something..... THE FISH! It was still on the line, after feeling it move a little bit, I pumped and reeled the fish frantically, so that it would not wind my line to the underwater tree. It worked!

I could feel the fish getting tired (the runs were shorter and felt like the fish was just using its weight instead), then carefully, dragged the fish to the bank.

Checkout the sizeCheckout the size

When I first saw the fish, I was overjoyed as it certainly was big - the biggest for me, at least. My hands were trembling from the fight, so I dragged the fish way up the sloping bank so that it would not escape (as in the previous case). This is because I just had to take photos of the fish before releasing it.
Placed my rod next to the fish and started photographing away with the mobile's camera. (Sorry about the out of focus pics, my hands were still trembling when I took photos)

Comparison with the fishing gearComparison with the fishing gear

Estimated to be around 6-7 kilograms (13lb +), the fish was released after photographing, as usual. Used a flimsy camera phone to take the pics, so I must apologize for the quality. Plus, I had no one to take pics of me and the fish.
I'm no meat hunter.

Toman / Giant SnakeheadToman / Giant Snakehead

Measurement of Pliers - 16cm long.Measurement of Pliers - 16cm long.

The buzzbait was bent, but still holding. The sharp hook did its job very well, and so dd the bent under load but didn't fail.
Was happy with the quality of the lure, it stood up to a very formidable adversary.

Buzzbait After Toman Hunt 22nd January 2012Buzzbait After Toman Hunt 22nd January 2012

Even after 2 years, my hands are itching to catch a fish this size again. I wonder where and when will it happen.

Tight Lines.

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