Saturday, December 20, 2014

River2Sea's Baby Bully 45 Hollow Bodied Frog

River2Sea's Bully Wa 45 Hollow Bodied Frog

This lure is great when fishing in lakes, ponds and other bodies of water filled with vegetation because of it's weedless design. Hollow bodied lures allow the body to collapse when a fish bites down on them, exposing the hook(s) and hopefully hooking the fish.

The general rule with hollow bodied frogs is to wait around 2-3 seconds after feeling the weight of the fish and then setting the hook. But also with any other topwater lures, the explosiveness of the fish taking the lure would make the best of us jump and pulling the lure away from the fish before it can engulf it properly.
Nothing beats top water strikes as they make our heart skip beats when fish suddenly strike them (often when we are not paying attention).

Haruans and toman are favourite quarry for these frogs as they are ambush predators and like to hide near vegetation.

With the event of hollow bodied frogs in Malaysia, the options are limited. We would love to get our hands on Lunker Hunt's Lunker Frog but the cost is too much for us to bear as they cost around RM45 each!

So for now, we would be doing a small write-up on River2Sea's Bully Wa 45 frog.

We procured the big brother of this frog - Bully Wa 55 a few years back and had quite a few strikes with it. We got them from a famous fishing retailer in Kepong and at that time, there were a whole lot of them stacked on their shelves - ranging from the Baby Bully 45 to the Bully Wa 65 in all available colours.

This year, we decided to purchase some more but could not find any of these over there so we went to a retail store in Puchong instead. Fortunately they do stock them but the Bully Wa 55 was sold out, they only had the Baby Bully 45 in 3 colours - I Know It , Tonic and Coot. We went ahead with buying 2 of the "I Know It" colour and 1 of the "Tonic" colour.

These frogs are soft, and would expose the hooks fairly easily when a fish bites down.
The finish looks good but the durability is adversely affected after strikes from our predatory fishes. The lure would take in some water but it can be quickly dealt with by squeezing the frog to let out the water. Doing this every 8-10 casts would probably annoy the average caster though. The skirts work really well with this lure, you can trim it to your desired length if you need to. Hooks are strong enough to handle Haruans but it would be interesting to find out whether they could withstand a massive Toman (we couldn't get one to bite).

Everyone should have at least one of these frogs in their tackle box because we know that even on bad fishing days, the Channa Striata would just jump on these.

The Baby Bully is 4.5cm long, not including the length of the skirts.

Working the frog is easy but making it "walk-the-dog" like the box says, would take some getting used to. We just used the age old "retrieve-pause-twitch-pauuuuuuuusssseee-twitch-twitch-twitch-retrieve" method.

Sad to say, we've lost 2 of our Bully Wa 55 and 1 of our Baby Bully 45 since our last outing.
It would be permissible if we lost these lures to fishes, but we lost them to snags. This is due to our own fault for tugging a little too hard.

All in all this is a good frog to use and have. The colour range is more than enough to satisfy the most demanding angler. Although durability could have been improved.

Another trip to the tackle store is inevitable. 

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