Sunday, December 21, 2014

Heddon's Zara Puppy & Super Spook Jr

Ever since it appeared in every fishing magazine I'e read, my hands itched to get myself at least one for field testing. And I finally got one from a popular local fishing tackle retailer. That was years ago.

At that time, most anglers were buying the Megabass Dog-X  & Lucky Craft Sammy lures.
I got one Heddon Zara Puppy in Flitter Shad colour and one Super Spook Jr in Blue/Chrome.  

The venue for the test is at Tasik Raban as I was passing through the place to get to the east coast. Long story short, I got 1 Peacock Bass and 1 Sebarau during my 2 hour of fishing using the Zara Puppy. I didn't even change lures in this session. The sebarau really slammed into this lure and fought well.

Construction of the lure is good. Its made out of hard plastic and the finish is up to the mark. The was minimal paint chip when used and stored in the tackle box. It has chrome flakes glued to the body of the lure and these held up pretty well. The weight, given the size of the lure is pretty good for casting.

Zara Puppy
Length: 7.62cm
Weight: 7gm

Super Spook Jr
Length: 3 1/2"
Weight: 1/2oz

Walking the dog is extremely easy with this lure. It sits fairly horizontal to the water surface unlike Lucky Craft's Sammy which sits bottom down when paused.
The puppy's size is ideal for ponds, streams and lakes where smaller baitfish is found.
The hooks could be changed to something better as a fiesty fish could easily bend the trebles.

Heddon makes one of the best top water pencils in the world and the quality is good as well for the price point. And in our opinion, since 1894, makes the most practical topwater lure ever.

The author's favourite topwater lure minus the trebles. 

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