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Field Test: Keitech Plastic Worm

Keitech Plastic Worm

Recently I've had the chance to procure a packet of plastic worms from Keitech.
The packaging is kept simple and functional - i like.

Keitech Lure - Field Test PacketKeitech Lure - Field Test Packet
Keitech Swing Impact 4" Worms.

For this particular test, "Area 52" was chosen as the location. "Area 52" is typically a natural lake and the fishes are finicky about what they eat as it has been under fishing pressure for quite some time.

Test Location: Area 52
Time: 9:45am - 11am
Weather Condition: Sunny
Water Clarity: Stained
Rod: Silstar 6 feet, Medium Heavy Spinning Rod
Reel: Pinnacle DTF 40 Spinning
Line: Maxima Chameleon 15lb
Leader: Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon 17lb
Hook: Fire Eagle 2/0 Offset / Fire Eagle 1 Offset

Product Spotlight: Keitech Swing Impact 4" Plastic Worm (Silver Flash Minnow)

Keitech LureKeitech Lure

The worms comes packed in a blister case and is scented.
Rigging the worm is very easy, as the worm itself is very soft. On this test, I rigged the worm weightless for finesse fishing.

On the very first cast at the edge of the underwater grass area, I had a hit. Reeled in a fast as I could as the fish was headed straight under some lotuses but could not stop it on time, and while trying to "persuade" the fish out, the fish shook the hook free. Since it was too hot to continue, I called it a day.

Fish 1 - Me 0.

Hunt - Area 52Hunt - Area 52
Area 52.

Continued field test on the next outing.

Fishes were actively feeding on the surface not too far away, so i concentrated my casts within the vicinity of that area.
A few casts later and i hooked up on a decent sized fish, which came hurriedly from under some clump of lotuses. Quickly set the hook,  reeled him in and took the customary photos and released him back into the lake.

It was a beautifully coloured Toman ( Channa Micropeltes). Although not huge in size, it was definitely proof of the fish enticing quality of the bait.

Field Test - Keitech - Pic 1Field Test - Keitech - Pic 1
Handsome specimen - juvenile Giant Snakehead.

Field Test - Keitech - Pic 2Field Test - Keitech - Pic 2
Beautiful colour.

You can keep the lure swimming, even at a very slow retrieve...thanks to the design of the paddle tail.
This method really works on inactive fish, as I can see a lot of "follows" from fishes coming out of the grass.

This keeps my heart pounding, just anticipating when the fish will smash the lure while on the retrieve.
I also noticed that on a faster retrieve, the lure comes to the surface and the tail wags enticingly.

For the first few casts on the first day of the test, i used a size 2/0 offset hook, which was too big for the fish. This resulted in multiple fish lost. A quick change to size 1 hook eliminated this issue.

Field Test - Keitech - Pic 3Field Test - Keitech - Pic 3
The test outfit. 19 year old fishing rod and reel.

Field Test - Keitech - Pic 5Field Test - Keitech - Pic 5
The fish.

The worm was easy to cast, even when rigged weightless. The only downside was when there is a gust of wind, your aim might be a little off. The design is excellent as the ribbed body makes the lure vibrate and the strong squid scent really attracts fish.

Made of very soft material, rigging is extremely easy but so is accidentally ripping the worm. When you get the worm stuck on underwater brush a couple of times, you might end up ripping the worm.
Same thing with catching a fish, sometimes you need to change the worm after every fish caught.
But with careful usage, it would last you about 3-4 fishes.

Keitech Lure - RippedKeitech Lure - Ripped
Photo showing the ripped lure. Rig was running sinker.

Calculated at just over RM3 each, the Keitech worms are expensive. But for those finesse fishing fans, its worth using.


The design works although the look of the lure is something to be desired. It functions well, no matter which way you decide to rig it - Carolina, weightless or Texas style.

  • Good design
  • Extra long lasting scent
  • Attracts fish
  • Easy to rig
  • Easy hookup (as the lure is soft)
  • Salt Infused

  • A bit expensive (as with any Japanese gear)
  • Tears when fishing through structure after a few casts
  • Not easy to find in Malaysia

Love the product and if I have the money, I would definitely buy lots of these. A good thing to have in your tacklebox.
Quality product by Keitech. Love the simple but functional packaging.

NOTE: Rigging it weedless would be the best option, and hooksets should not be violent as the plastic composition is very soft. No jigheads, no problems - just use Texas rigging.

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