Thursday, December 18, 2014

Egg Snaps...Snapped!

The ultimate thing about fishing is that your terminal tackle must be tip-top. Or you'l learn a very expensive lesson later on.
What I'm saying applies to lure fishing.

I have had the opportunity to experience this myself, even though I was confident with my terminal tackle and line ties.
I recently bought a Japanese snap called the "Egg Snap" and even though it was rated to withstand up to 30lbs of pressure, it broke open after i tried freeing my lure from grass near the bank!

Japanese products are always related to quality - or so i thought. With this bad experience, i would go back to using the snaps that I'm used to - RM2 per 10 snaps.

The "Egg Snap".The "Egg Snap".

Can take up to 30lbs of pressure.Can take up to 30lbs

Made in Japan.Made in Japan.

Oh well. Maybe is wasnt made to handle grass.

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