Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Live Target Koppers Frog with Deeper Smart Sonar

We had the opportunity last weekend to get our gear out for another field test. This time, we brought along the Deeper smart sonar and Live Target's Koppers Frog.

Locating fish is made very easy with the Deeper as in my previous entry. But enticing the fish to take the bait is another story altogether. Even though we know that there are fishes in the area, we can't really tell what species of fish they are. All is comes down to is guesswork (with a little common sense).

We won't bore you with how to use the Deeper as that topic has already been covered. As you know, we located fishes in the area and we were sure that they were of the Channa family so we took out our top water lure - this time its the Live Target Koppers Frog in Tan/Yellow colour. This lure took many hits before but the hookup ratio is low. We made one improvement to the hooks - we bent them outwards just a little and we got hookups!

Although this time round, we couldn't find big fishes, the little ones kept us busy. Enjoy the pictures below.

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