Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Test Area - Revisited

Remember the new test area I discovered yesterday? Well, I went again this morning to hopefully hook up with a fish this time. And I wasn't disappointed.

Arrived at around 10:35am and rigged up the ever producing Keitech Swing Impact in flash minnow colour.

Began casting and fine tuning the action of the bait. No follows.

Changed spot to the overhanging tree where I got hit yesterday and started fan casting the area.

On one of the cast, the bait got hit when it hit the water. Gave it a slight jerk and hooked up with the fish. It as a fine Haruan.
The soft and supple plastic on the Keitech bait really made a world of difference (also easily ripped if you catch it on bushes and give it a tug).

All is good and then I decided to put on the Pocket Frog. Again, got takes but couldn't get the hookset right.

Went home at around 12:45pm

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