Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lunkerhunt's Pocket Frog

The Pocket Frog is a smaller version of Lunkerhunt's Lunkerfrog. This particular bait is sized at 1.75" and weights in at 1/4oz. We bought one in the King Toad colour scheme.

At USD 7.49, the Pocket Frog is somewhat overpriced.

Comparing this with the River2Sea's Bully Wa 45, this frog is slightly smaller and is better suited for our local Channa Striata (Haruan). The legs extend on the retrieve, exactly like it's big brother. We have had several takes in the first few casts on our field test session. This is promising as this time we conducted the test in a heavily pressured area.

Side by side with the Live Target Koppers Frog

Hopping this frog onto or near vegetation really made the magic happen as the frog was thrown about because of fish strikes. Casting this lure is effortless (must be due to my Hedgehog Studio's ZR bearings) and smooth.

We caught one nice Haruan on the very first cast, without even reeling in! When the frog touched the water,  it was taken immediately. I waited a few seconds before striking and got the Haruan solidly hooked. After landing the fish, I wanted to remove the hooks but the frog was totally engulfed by this fish and the hooks were stuck solid on the fish's lower mouth.

It was a juvenile haruan which took my offering and even though its size is small, the fish totally swallowed the bait.

The rubber on this frog had some teeth marks from the Haruan and although it is easily collapsible, durability is a bit doubtful as our predatory fishes are all equipped with sharp teeth. But as with other soft plastic/rubber frog lures, they were made with the American Bass in mind.

The double hooks look well built and I would need to hook up with a lunker fish in order to really know its durability.

The double hooks were dislodged from the body by the fiesty Haruan

Remember the Lunker Frog? Well, it had so many takes but hookup was bad maybe because of the smaller sized fishes. It was named "Lunker Frog"  because is was made for big sized fishes.

Anyway, I can't wait to conduct more field tests with the Lunker Frog & Pocket Frog. Hopefully, I can also test out the new Deeper Fishfinder that's on its way. Fishing from the bank would limit my tests but I will definitely use the Deeper Fishfinder on a friend's boat once I get the  chance.

All in all, the Pocket Frog is a fun frog to have and enlightens you with it's flailing legs when the bites are slow.

The lure comes in 10 colour options. The Pocket Frog and Lunker Frog can be ordered online from popular e-tailers.

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