Thursday, January 22, 2015

Live Target's Koppers Frog (1.75in)

We've been searching high and low for this particular frog which won "Best New Soft Bait" at ICAST 2010. Couldn't find any local tackle store that stocks them, so we went ahead with a costly online purchase straight from the US.

Once it reached our hands, we straight away put the bait through a field test - hunting for Tomans & Haruans. The latter seems to have a particular interest in this bait.

Construction is stunning as the manufacturer captured all the lifelike features of the frog in this bait. All is good and anatomically correct apart from the legs which are made from silicone or rubber skirts. As with any other hollow bodied frogs, the body is easily collapsible making hooksets easier. They even come with detailed instructions/tips on how to use the bait. These instructions come neatly folded and stashed inside the bait's box, which is cool.

Size: 1.75in
Weight: 1/4 oz
Type: Surface

We kept looking at the frog and admired how good it looks. The detailing would be useful if an angler fishes in clear or lightly stained water situations.

There are 12 colours to choose from and they all look sweet. Wish we bought this bait in all available colours (financial issues prevented this from happening).

The double hooks look durable enough to handle up to big sized fish (although this needs further testing from us). But accidentally hooking up with a monster fish would definitely wet our pants.

All in all, the flooding of hollow bodied frogs in our country from various manufacturers would easily make this lure redundant. But being the hardcore anglers that we are, we would not be dazzled by just any other hollow bodied frogs (even though they are very affordable) - we are looking for quality, value for money and detailing. Which is what brought this frog to us.

However, the body will get scratched from rubbing with the hook points after a while, and this would never hurt but it is worth noting.

Did I mention the detailing on this hollow bodied frog? Man oh man.

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