Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jump Frogs VS Soft Frogs

A lot of people have asked us why we don't showcase the ever popular Jump Frog. And the answer is just that...the Jump Frog is popular and needs no introduction as it is easy to use, just cast it and burn it back. And usually, if a fish strikes the lure, it will be hooked automatically. Thanks to the upturned double hooks.
The soft frog (better known as the hollow bodied frog) however needs more varying retrieves and the hookset needs to be spot on which increases the challenge and ultimately the stress of fishing.
The Jump Frog is usually carved out of wood and floats. There are double hooks extending out from behind the body of the lure and these are pointed upwards. It could be made weedless with the addition of small tubes covering the points of the hooks. And like I mentioned earlier, the lure is usually retrieved with haste.
Origin - Thailand. Where it is used to catch Tomans (Giant Snakeheads).

The Jump Frog in action.

They are used with great success in Malaysia.

For us, we are more inclined to go down the unbeaten path where soft frogs are fast becoming forgotten compared to jump frogs.

The thing about soft frogs is that you need to get the retrieve right and remember that these lures are made for Bass. Hooksets are also a skill that needs to be learned through experience as waiting a few seconds and waiting until you feel the fish's weight before setting the hook, does not guarrantee you a successful hookup.

And most of the time, the fish does get away and you seldom would get a second chance in the same area after losing that fish. And such missed hookups will haunt you in your dreams.

So, whatever your fancy. Happy fishing.

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