Friday, January 30, 2015

Deeper - Fishfinder

The Deeper fishfinder made by Friday Lab finally arrived and we are really excited to unleash it's potential in our waters. We mostly do freshwater fishing and this tool will certainly help locate where to cast for fish. Not only that, it can tell you the water temperature and depth too.

In our opinion, this tool is a valuable tool for those who do a lot of fishing either as freshwater guides or simply hobby fishermen. To be able to tell where the fishes are and at what depth would be crucial to a successful outing (although it might not guarantee that the fish will take your bait). Alas, the saying by a bright young man - you can go to a party where there are a lot of girls, but that does not guarantee a successful hookup with any of them.


1. USB Cable
2. Attaching Loops (3 x)
3. Car Charger
4. Desktop Charger
5. Deeper sonar unit
6. Quck Start Guide
7. Soft carrying case

The items are neatly packed into a box.

The sonar unit itself can be opened to access the USB port used for charging the unit.

Be sure to charge your sonar unit for at least 8 hours before first use. This will ensure battery longevity.

There will be a sticker stating which attachment points to use when fishing from a boat, bridge or shore. Its important to use ONLY 1 attachment loop at a time.

The sonar unit weight only 100gm and you don't have to cast it far. Ensure that the sonar unit is not submerged in the water as you can loose your Bluetooth signal whenever this happens.

We will be going out on a field test soon to try out the Deeper fishfinder and it will be interesting to know how it performs. Stay tuned for more posts on the Deeper.

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