Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Field Test: Lightspeed Custom Buzzer

Lightspeed Custom Buzzer

Had the chance to field test the experimental buzzbait at Area 52.

The build of the buzzbait is sturdy and it gives out a loud squeaking noise when retrieved (this is an attribute of this particular Buzzbait). It tracks wonderfully when retrieved and at times, attracted some follows from fishes. Even at slow speeds, the blade keeps the buzzbait working near the surface.

Field Test Unit Details

Colour: All Black
Weight: 3/8 oz

Gear Used

Rod: Abu Garcia Vendetta (MH) 5' 6"
Reel: Abu Garcia Revo Skeet Reese baitcasting reel
Main Line: Berkley Fireline Braid (40lb)


Weather: Cloudy
Water: Stained

The wire of this buzzbait is meant for bass and other American/European fish species. And I was using it to hunt the notoriously aggressive Toman (Giant Snakehead - Channa Micropeltes), and I don't know whether it would bend and destroy the buzzer. But, this is a field test after all, so I went for it.

The buzzer is great to be used when the fishes aren't spooky, as I have tried it at the same area for 2 days without a single hit. On the third outing however,  on the 2nd cast, with a slow steady retrieve, I caught a decent sized fish (Channa Micropeltes). And after taking the 1st (and only) picture of the fish, the fish threw the hook and snaked its way into the water.

Toman on buzzer.Toman on buzzer.
The only photo of the caught fish. NOTE: The rubbish in the background isn't mine, but I cleared it before I left.

To make matters worst, on the 3rd cast after catching the fish, I snagged the buzzer on a small branch near the bank. I freed it after some struggling and proceeded to cast it out.....and to my dismay, it swam awkwardly. Upon closer inspection, I found that the metal rivet that was holding the blade is missing.

Luckily I had another (very cheap) Buzzer in my tacklebox, so I took it's rivet and replaced it on the field test unit. Field repair on the field test unit.

Buzzer with rivet replaced.Buzzer with rivet replaced.
Had to replace the lost rivet.

Closeup of buzzer's rivet.Closeup of buzzer's rivet.
Closeup view of the replaced rivet.

All in all, I was happy to catch fish.
This lure can work, you have to vary your retrieve to find out what the fish want on that particular day. Don't be discouraged if you don't catch fish yet, more often than not - the fish will actually follow your buzzbait right to the bank. And this is good as you know the fish is interested in your buzzbait.

Happy fishing.

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