Tuesday, December 16, 2014

About Lightspeed Custom Baits & Tackle

About Lightspeed Custom Baits & Tackle

Established early 2012.

We are in the business to offer lures and gear that we ourselves use and have tested in lakes, reservoirs, rivers, estuaries, streams, swamps and ponds - all freshwater. These are lures and tackle that work - because you know that record fish is still out there waiting to mangle your gear. Don't be caught off guard.
Our product lineup will expand from time to time, so be sure to check in periodically. Take note that we don't want to sell expensive lures because we want anglers to use them and catch fish and not display them in a showcase :)
Furthermore, using a lure without fear of losing it will cause an angler to twitch, jerk, shimmy the lure with confidence and enjoy fishing more.

We go out on the field and test gear and lures from around the globe to catch Channa Micropeltes, Channa Striata, Peacock Bass, Barramundi and Hampala Macrolepidota. These fishes will destroy your lures & tackle like Wreck-It-Ralph. Only reliable and practical products make it to our short list.

Being the anglers that we are, we constantly hunt for these predatory species and choose reliability, practicality and affordability in our tackle and lures. What we use, we also sell to fellow anglers. Plus, these items will last a lifetime if you take care of them properly.

Enjoy your fishing.

Tight Lines,
Lightspeed Custom Baits & Tackle

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